Sunday, February 19, 2012

Luna Shoppe's Giveaway


helo.. helo... helo.. jangan jeles, anis nak join giweaway pulak niew. dari Luna Shoppe. hope bertuah lar deh. heheee.. lau xdew rezeki, nak buat cam ner kan. redha ajer.. hee

owkay, sape2 yang nak join.. kat bawah niew syarat nyer.

How to join Luna Shoppe's Giveaway?

1. Create an entry Title: Luna Shoppe's Giveaway
2. Place the banner and link to
3. Tag 3 active blogger friends
4. Copy paste URL of your entry to the comment space below
5. Follow Luna Shoppe's blog and LIKE Luna Shoppe's FB Page
6. Send your URL before 20th Feb 2012
7. Winners will be randomly selected. Good luck!

owkay, anis nak tag Aini, Fatin , dan Shasha.

p/s : da lewat sangat da join giveaway niew. huhu..

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ainy said...

akak anis!!thanks tag ainie ya..

arnissa said...

hehehee... orait dearr.. :)

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